What is the DIN Rail power supply?

DIN rail mounting power supplies, also known as power converters, mainly supply power to DC operation equipment. The power supply is mounted on a 35 mm DIN track, which is a standard size metal strip that can mount electronic devices such as circuit breakers, relays, motor initiators and plc, making the assembly more compact.

How does the DIN rail power supply work?

Some appliances require electricity, but lack internal components to obtain the required voltage and power from the AC power supply. The DIN rail power supply soloves this problem by converting the AC mains input voltage to an available DC (DC) output voltage.The power supply unit is connected to the input AC municipal power supply. The equipment requiring power supply is connected to the power supply with the appropriate power cord and connector. The power supply unit then converts the input AC  to the correct single output voltage, current and frequency supplied to the equipment by cable.

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